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James and Max

I have been using Cobra Clips for close to a year now. It has become a part of our daily routine and an expectation of my dog. I know he loves it and it really makes me feel good to make him happy. Throughout any given day in the past, I would have said no to a bum scratch more than a dozen times. Now I get to hand out the free love’n any time he likes. Being able to do this has brought me and my dog much closer. He’s at my side more often, listens more closely and he is all around mushier than he was before Cobra Clips. I’d not give up our Cobra Clips for anything, it replaces every dog toy I have.


Being the neighbor of the inventor, I have been using Cobra Clips for close to a year. I love it, my dog loves it and I can’t wait until James makes his new launcher. The Clip is easy to use and it makes it easier to interact with my dog. Asia, likes getting her bum scratched the most, but it’s really all about the physical contact.


I think Cobra Clips are a great idea. My dog seems to really like it and I can’t see why any dog wouldn't like it.

Alysha and Haggis


As a person who suffers from dog allergies, I have to limit myself on personal touches and rub downs, but with the Cobra Clips,  for the first time ever I am able to give my dog the hearty rub and massage that he longs for! Bringing us closer together and keeping my hands clean and my allergies at bay. Now I can interact with him the same way my whole family does. Thank you Cobra Clips!

Scott and Shadow


I haven't had much time with it, but my dog sure seems to love it. I’ve got kids, so I’m always conscious of the things I touch. This product Cobra Clips allow me to give my dog a lot more affection. Great job!