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We are born into this world with families and we sometimes find new friends. The term “Mans best friend” can only be used in the mention of one, other than man. Terms like, “Loyalty, Loving, and Protector” are also attributes used to describe the unconditional companionship of the dutiful canine. Our dogs world is the world we create for them. They have only one desire in their short lives. That desire is to be your companion and to express unconditional love.

Cobra Clips offers you the opportunity share unconditional affection with your rare connection, your companion.


Physical contact is one of the strongest forms of expressing acceptance within the family and our dogs are no differ- ent from us. Due to the nature of dogs, they are often not appealing to touch. They have an unappealing natural smell that keeps us from expressing acceptance through physical contact. As a result, great amounts of time with our dogs go with little or no physical contact.

Cobra Clips offers you the opportunity share unconditional acceptance with your dog!


First as puppies and then throughout their lives, dogs crave physical contact in a great need for bonding. This physi- cal contact strengthens the emotional bond between you and your dog. Bonding with your dog, through physical contact, not only gives them a sense of belonging, but it also breeds confidence. They count on you to provide this bonding time throughout their entire lives.

With Cobra Clips, you can bond with your dog like never before.

Health and Affection

We love to do things that are healthy for ourselves and the feelings are the same when it comes to our dogs.

We take ourselves out into the fresh air each day and we offer that same experience to our best friends. Living a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog can have many benefits but imagine life with limited physical contact. Imagen a world where people will touch you, but they are put off by it, and would rather not give you the affection you need. No more intimate contact. Maybe a quick pat on the head, but nothing close to your true needs.

This emotion of feeling unwanted is the message we have been sending to our dogs for years. We ignore what we know they want most. Now imagen that out of nowhere, people seemed more comfortable around you and your family started to give you the affection you have been craving all you’re life. This feeling of being loved and wanted is what Cobra Clips is all about. Unconditional free flowing affection!!!

Live a healthy life full of love and affection with Cobra Clips

The Oath

Meeting your dog for the first time, is amazing. It’s so exciting and your heart is all over the place. Great anticipation fills the air. You start with acknowledging the vibe of a new life in the atmosphere. Your new friend ex- plores you and you explore your new friend. Love is shared and trust is earned. At some point, maybe sooner, maybe later, you will look into your new friends eyes and say “I love you”. It is in this moment that we privately and silently make an oath. We promise to protect, love and care for them at any cost. The bond has been made.

Show you still love them with Cobra Clips.


Deciding to adopt a dog is a tough thing to do and there are many things that need to be consid- ered. Many dogs come from good homes but sometimes they don’t. An adopted dog may need to go through a transi- tion period and the outcome can be uncertain. However, there are millions of dogs in need, so people of strong char- acter are needed. These dogs need people with hearts that glow and love to give.

You have something with you, when you go looking in those dog shelters. It’s private, it means every thing to you and it is the true reason that you have come. You have something to give. When you find your new friend, you reach into your heart and offer out a pledge. You pledge to save this one. To give this one, a home and to show this one, unconditional love and affection. You promise to protect this one and call this one family.

Though you bring a pledge, it’s your hope that fills the room. It’s your hope that inspires others to love and to do the same. Your hope, is the true gift you bring.

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Who is BTI?

In business there are many different appendages of people, looking to accomplish some goal or another. Some stay at home and never reach out to the community in an effort to have a positive impact.

Some are already fat from all the “roast beef” of success, so the hunger for more is lost.

Some accept where they are. And often, they are left with none. Their business maintains a stagnant status. Growth is lost.

Some, and maybe even most, find it difficult to deal with the pressures of business. So, while exhibiting “strong meaningful” reasons they’ve failed, they pack up and go home.

However!!! At BigToe Innovations Inc. We are new, we are exciting and we are hungry. We will not accept where we are and we will only strive for greater things. We do not back down from a challenge and it should be known that we are here to stay. It is the foundation of our company to seek out new ways to have a positive impact on our community and the world we live in.

But the most important thing to know about BigToe is….

This little piggy just went to market!!!

BigToe Innovations Inc.

BigToe Innovations is a private family owned company. We are based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. BTI was originally founded in 2014 and we currently hold several patents and trademarks around the world. We are bright people, with bright ideas. We bring new innovations into reality and take them to the marketplace by utilizing the amazing contacts we’ve made along our own journey. As we grow, we will be looking for new ways to help our community grow with us, while supporting charitable organizations in need with every new product we develop. We believe in giving back and each new product gives us the opportunity to do exactly that.

If you’re interested in knowing more about other projects BTI is working on…

Get in line 😉

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First blog post

My name is James and this is my best friend Max.

Max loves to play fetch and his favorite toy is the ball launcher. We use the ball launcher as a means of play and exercise every day. However, like all dogs, Max needs more than just play and exercise. He needs love and affection! Max is never afraid to ask for that affection during our play time. Often, I don’t mind giving him a quick pat on the head, scratch behind the ears or an even quicker scratch on the bum. I know he loves it and I know he needs the affection but it’s gross. I really don’t like the smells that are left on my hands and I don’t even like to think about what he may have rolled in. As a result, Max was getting much less love and affection than he would like to be getting. Out of love for my dog and my strong desire to make him feel excepted with unconditional affection, I developed “Cobra Clips”. Not only does Max get much, much more affection, the quality of affection is well beyond anything my nubby fingers could ever offer him. I get to stand or sit in a comfortable position with my hands clean and Max gets all the lov’in he has ever asked for.

My family is excited about what I’ve invented and jumped right in to help. We have started to manufacture our product locally and we have also designed an entire product line that we hope to offer in the years to come. Working with local charities and animal shelters, we aspire to have a positive impact on our community and the world we live in.
Show your BFF you love them unconditionally with Cobra Clips.