We are born into this world with families and we sometimes find new friends. The term “Mans best friend” can only be used in the mention of one, other than man. Terms like, “Loyalty, Loving, and Protector” are also attributes used to describe the unconditional companionship of the dutiful canine. Our dogs world is the […]
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Who is BTI?

In business there are many different appendages of people, looking to accomplish some goal or another. Some stay at home and never reach out to the community in an effort to have a positive impact. Some are already fat from all the “roast beef” of success, so the hunger for more is lost. Some accept […]
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First blog post

My name is James and this is my best friend Max. Max loves to play fetch and his favorite toy is the ball launcher. We use the ball launcher as a means of play and exercise every day. However, like all dogs, Max needs more than just play and exercise. He needs love and affection! […]
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