At Cobra Clips, our #1 goal is to give your dog, and all dogs, unconditional love, and acceptance. Cobra Clips gives you the opportunity to show your love and appreciation to your dog like never before. We hope you use our products in your everyday routine to enhance and strengthen the bond between you, and your best friend.


Our Team of Support

BigToe Innovations

James Olson - President/ Inventor                         Claude Choiselat - Sales/Marketing

Connie Choiselat- CEO/Tech Support                    Taylor Peters - Design Support

Dawn Wattie - Business Lawyer                               Anne Flanagan - Patent Lawyer

Jon Sharp - Manufacturer                                         Adera Angelucci - Spiro Video  

 Ronda & Team - Ibox Packaging  

My name is James (Carpenter, Pilot, Artist, and Inventor) and this is my best friend Max (Dog).

Max loves to play fetch and his favorite toy is the ball launcher. We use the ball launcher as a means of play and exercise every day. However, like all dogs, Max needs more than just play and exercise. He needs love and affection! Max is never afraid to ask for that affection during our play time. Often, I don’t mind giving him a quick pat on the head, scratch behind the ears or an even quicker scratch on the bum. I know he loves it and I know he needs the affection but it’s gross. I really don’t like the smells that are left on my hands and I don’t even like to think about what he may have rolled in. As a result, Max was getting much less love and affection than he would like to be getting. Out of love for my dog and my strong desire to make him feel excepted with unconditional affection, I developed “Cobra Clips”. Not only does Max get much, much more affection, the quality of affection is well beyond anything my nubby fingers could ever offer him. I get to stand or sit in a comfortable position with my hands clean and Max gets all the love’n he has ever asked for.

My family is excited about what I’ve invented and jumped right in to help. We have started to manufacture our product locally and we have also designed an entire product line that we hope to offer in the years to come. Working with local charities and animal shelters, we aspire to have a positive impact on our community and the world we live in.


Show your BFF you love them unconditionally with Cobra Clips.

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