Cobra Clips – A pat on the head is nice, but...
We all know what they really want.

What are Cobra Clips?

Cobra Clips are detachable Grooming and Massaging surfaces, designed to attach to the top of a ball launcher and used by the owner to interact with their dog.


Grooming made easy!

We all love our dogs and we want them to feel loved under any condition. Yet, some conditions do not allow us to offer the affection they need. Its not always about grooming, some times all they really want is a good long scratch on the bum!

Cobra Clips allows you to show your affection, unconditionally.


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All Patents, Trademarks, and Licensing of Cobra Clips are the Sole Property of:
Big Toe Innovations Inc. Surrey, B.C 

       Cobra Clips are Made in Canada with 100% recycled and recyclable Abs plastics.

                                       Cobra Clips are not Affiliated or Endorsed by Petmate, Chuck-it or Doskocil Manufacturing.

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